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Meet the Family Behind JH Advisers


Jo-Ann Holst, CFP®

President | Co-Founder

Certified Financial Planner



Jo-Ann is an independent CFP. She is a Fiduciary who has been serving in the financial industry for over 20 years. Her past experience includes work in the securities, insurance and commodities industries.


Her specialties include investments, comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, Social Security planning, estate planning, tax planning and retirement income strategizing. In her free time Jo-Ann enjoys working in her garden, and spending time with her husband Robert, two daughters and two granddaughters.


Office Number: 720-287-5880


Colette Snyder


Investment Adviser Representative



Colette is the other half of the mother-daughter duo at JHA. Together Jo-Ann and Colette are a multi-generational power team helping Coloradans of all ages plan smart for the future. A graduate of the University of Denver, Colette specializes in teaching young families how to save smart for the future. She also heads the event planning and marketing front within the company. Colette is a mountaineer. Her passions include volunteering with abused and neglected children, powder days and being silly with her daughters.



Office NUMBER: 720-287-5880

Marisol Headshot 2.png

Marisol Rodriguez-Guzman

Client Services Associate

Marisol is responsible for client experience excellence with JH Advisers. She is a graduate of the University of Denver where she received her Bachelors of Science in Finance and a minor in marketing. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Finance. Outside of her professional life, Marisol enjoys being outdoors, whether it's hiking or running. She also enjoys cooking with her sisters and traveling to new places.



Office NUMBER: 720-287-5880


Robert Donoho

Operations Manager

Licensed Insurance Agent



Although Robert's most accomplished life-role is adoring husband to Jo-Ann Holst, Robert also has over 30 years of experience in the life and health insurance business.  He started his career in the property and casualty insurance industry in the 1990's and now heads the operations and business strategy efforts with JHA. In his spare time, Robert enjoys home improvement and carpentry projects in his Littleton home with Jo-Ann. He is also a fresh food enthusiast, and nurtures a massive home green house and garden project each summer. 



Office Number: 720-287-5880

Pat Frederiksen

Pat Frederiksen 

Investment Adviser Representative


Pat is an independent agent, writer and speaker, specializing in retirement income strategies and Medicare.   She has 16 years in the financial industry as a mortgage broker and insurance agent.  In addition, she has started several successful small businesses. She attended the University of Wisconsin and stays on the cutting edge of retirement income and Medicare through continuing education. Through Jo-Ann's seminars and Pat's classes and blogs, she educates and empowers women in their future financial and income strategies. Pat spends her leisure time with her husband on international travel adventures, photography, home projects and adoring her son and grandson, step children and grandchildren.



MOBILE BUSINESS: 303-919-1020

National Partners

 Jo-Ann Holst Advisers is backed by the expertise and experience of Royal Fund Management:

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Jo-Ann Holst Advisers is utilizes the custodial services of Charles Schwab

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there's more to retirement than money


We understand the process and end result for your financial plan is unique and requires special consideration and care. A single solution will not fit every situation, as independent advisers with a fiduciary responsibility to the client, we have the ability to choose the solution that fits your unique needs.



Will make all the difference


Today, the future of your finances is completely in your hands.  That's why we believe education is paramount. Our classroom style is open, fun and non-threatening.  You should feel comfortable and knowledgeable throughout the financial planning process.  Visit one of our classes or schedule an appointment and experience a whole new style of education.

your money

"Savers must stop focusing on amassing the largest possible pot of savings and instead invest in ways that secure a guaranteed income in retirement." Harvard Business Review. Times have changed, and so must our priorities as we plan for a comfortable retirement. There is no magic number or formula for your retirement savings. It's all about creating life-long income.  Be sure the adviser you're working with is asking the right questions, and understanding the whole picture before making any investment decisions.  

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