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October 22nd, 2019

At-Risk Kids Get Financial Education

Lakewood Certified Financial Planner Jo-Ann Holst spoke to sixth graders at the Tennyson Center For Children about core financial skills. TCC is one of the Rocky Mountain region’s leading treatment centers for abused, neglected and at-risk youth.

“The younger we learn positive financial habits, the more likely we are to experience financial success,” said Jo-Ann Holst, President of JH Advisers in Lakewood, CO.  Jo-Ann and her daughter/business partner Colette Snyder were guest speakers for Mr. Muramoto’s 6th grade class on October 22nd.


They engaged the class on topics like: the pros and cons of interest, how bank accounts work, and how adults pay bills. The kids were especially interested in how their toy collections could be worth money some day.


“Most of us learn how to manage (or mismanage) our money from our parents,” said Jo-Ann.  “Unfortunately, few people get a formal financial education in school about how to make wise financial choices early on. We want to offer that opportunity to these kids who need it most.”

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To assist with their educational experience, each student received a copy of The Everything Kids’ Money Book by J.D. Brette McWhorter Sember.


Jo-Ann has been teaching adults how to prepare for retirement in her financial classes for 10 years.  Her most popular topics include: how to maximize Social Security, how to minimize taxes, financial planning for women, and how to pick investments for different life stages.


“If just one kid remembers just one fact that helps him or her live a healthy financial life, my time will have been well spent. So many of the people I meet in my classes would be in much better shape today if they had learned in adolescence about important topics like how interest works.” said Jo-Ann.

Jo-Ann and Colette both love teaching and playing with kids. They hope to become regular guests at TCC.


“I was impressed with how much these 6th graders already knew about their money, and how eager they were for this information."  said Colette. "Their plans for the future were so bright and hopeful. If Mom and I can help them stay on track to meet those goals, that would be the coolest thing we could ever do."

Happy Children

February 19th, 2020

Talking to High Schoolers About a Career in Financial Planning

Colette Snyder visited Mrs. Raini's Math class at Alameda International High school to talk to students about her career.

"I want them to know there are more careers out there beyond the typical Doctor or Lawyer jobs they hear about," said Mrs Raini.

Colette shared how she helps people ease their fears about money and prepare them for their happiest financial future possible. 

"I would love to get more young women interested in the business," said Colette. "Many women prefer to work with another woman and we are kind of a rare breed."


Other Organizations JHA Financially Supports

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