"Many individuals do not fully understand key details of Social Security rules that can potentially affect their retirement benefits."  

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Social Security and Income Planning 

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What you will learn:

  • 2020 Social Security changes and updates

  • How tax reform affects Social Security benefits now and later

  • When to delay your benefit and when to not

  • What's changed with spousal filing options

  • How to maximize ex, current and deceased spousal benefits

  • What questions you should ask at the Social Security Office

  • How working affects your benefit

  • Understanding today's retirement income sources: pros and cons

  • How your other assets with together with Social Security Benefits

  • Q and A opportunity with Social Security expert

You should attend if you..

  • Are single or married and are considering starting you benefit

  • Recently started receiving benefits

  • Have questions about current, ex, or deceased spousal benefits

  • Have an upcoming SS appointment and want to be prepared

  • Might have made a filing mistake

  • Are wondering how working affects your benefit

  • Need more information on retirement income options

  • Are trying to turn your 401k or IRA into life-long income

  • or have other general questions about retirement benefits

Why this class?

  • Taught and developed by Certified Financial Planner Jo-Ann Holst

  • Six years of experience teaching Social Security Classes and nineteen years industry experience

  • EDUCATION ONLY! No sales pitches, feedback is optional

  • Comprehensive class covers broad range of Social Security topics

  • Helpful handouts with Social Security facts and guidelines, 2020 tax limits, note-taking materials and more

  • It's COMPLIMENTARY! Why?  Because it's a great way for JH Advisers to get known in the community as Financial Planners.  Think of it like the best free sample you'll ever get!

Space is limited for easier Q & A, RSVP is required for attendance. Reservations will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.   Can't make this class? click below to see other class topics and dates by JH Advisers. 


What does Full Retirement Age mean?

Will my ex-spouse know if I take his/her benefit?

Lakewood, May 17th 2017

Is my Social Security benefit ever taxed?

Lakewood, May 17th 2017

How do I decide when to take my benefit?

Lakewood, May 17th 2017

What if I decide to take my benefit early?

Lakewood, May 17th 2017

Lakewood, May 17th 2017

JH Advisers Inc. is not associated with the Social Security Administration. You should always consult the SSA before making any decisions, filings or changes to your benefit. To contact the Social Security Administration, please visit www.ssa.gov or call 1-800-772-1213.

Social Security FAQ -
JH Advisers answers your Social Security questions:

Lakewood, May 17th 2017

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