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October 12th, Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm

  Arvada Library

Investment news:


Adviser Jo-Ann Holst's client, a woman in her mid-60s with $440,000 in savings, didn't want to sink her entire retirement nest egg into the stock market.  READ MORE

Available class topics upon request:



401k and IRA Do's and Dont's

Making decisions for your retirement plans can be stressful, especially when the success of your future retirement years depend on healthy growth today. This class focuses on: how to rollover an old 401k without penalties, choosing the right investment for your 401k/IRA, how to pay the least amount of taxes and fees, choosing between Roth and traditional IRAs, conversions and contributions, types of financial advisers that can help you with your retirement plans, and more!​  Ask questions, be comfortable, and take charge of your financial future.


Social Security and Income Planning

Did you know a new law was passed in November of 2015 that changes Social Security filing strategy options? Do you know if you will be affected? Do you have some questions about Social Security? When should I start taking my benefit? How do I maximize my benefit? Am I eligible for a benefit from a former spouse? How do I fill the income gaps? It's time to get your questions answered.  You can feel good knowing you are getting all the money you deserve!


Women and Money- A Beginner's Class

As women we know that we have different priorities and learning styles than men. Women tend to live longer, choose safety over risk, are caregivers, and plan for the future. This class covers the financial planning process from start to finish, including: setting financial goals, creating a budget, Roth and traditional IRA's, spousal Social Security benefits, understanding risk tolerance, taxes and inflation and more. Ask questions, be comfortable, and take charge of your financial future.



Women and Money- Investments and Income Planning

Building on the basics, this class explores investment choices and income planning techniques. Jo-Ann discusses the similarities and differences between annuities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, CDs, and other investment vehicles. She discusses the pros and cons of each investment in today's unique economy. Jo-Ann also teaches strategies to maximize your retirement income, how to interpret your financial statement, how to understand and minimize fees, and how to choose an adviser that meets your needs. It's time to finally understand the forces that impact your money is this stress-free, fun class. 



Untangling Medicare

Although Medicare Part A and B pays for most of the cost of hospitalization and other medical care for older Americans, it has many gaps which can be financially devastating. Learn how to fill those gaps in this comprehensive class. We will discuss Medicare basics such as how to apply, eligibility, coverage, potential penalties, Medicare supplements, Advantage, and drug plans.





Most seminars are held at our 1st Bank office location at 550 S. Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood in the 1st level training room, anyone is welcome to attend at no cost. Speakers are able to teach any of the above classes at your location at no cost for a 8 person minimum group.  For more information, or to request a speaker at your location, please email or call 720-287-5880.

You get your 401k paperwork and have to pick your investment strategy.  Do you ever wish you had a Financial Planner looking over your shoulder, making suggestions on which option to pick?

Ever feel like you're guessing? Like, why do they trust me to make this decision?  I'm not an investment advisor..

If you're like most American's, your 401k is probably your biggest asset.  So why are you leaving it up to chance?

Did you know there's a service that can give you quarterly 401k choice reccomendations based on your financial goals?  It's called 401k rebalancing. Here's how it works.  You share your plan options with a planner and they come back with suggestions that fit current market conditions. Fill out a risk questionnaire 

Now when you hear some questionable news, you don't have to worry about making a rash decision. Take the pressure off of yourself.

We pay attention to market indicators, so you don't have to


What if I want to talk to someone about how my 401k is doing?

What's the benefits of a service like this over choosing target date funds?

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