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Making the Right Choices For Your 401k & IRA

A Complimentary Public Class 

"Opening and contributing to an IRA requires a lot of nuanced decision-making. And it isn’t just about making choices, it’s about understanding why one option works better for your financial plan."


There are no public class dates currently scheduled for this class. This class is available for your group of 8 or more individuals to book privately. Call or email to discuss hosting Jo-Ann as a guest speaker for your group.


What you will learn:

  • Top mistakes savers make with their retirement plans

  • How to rollover an old 401k without penalties 

  • Choosing the right investment for your 401k/IRA 

  • How to pay the least amount of taxes and fees

  • Choosing between Roth and traditional IRAs 

  • Conversions and contributions

  • Types of financial advisers that can help you with your retirement plans, and more!​  

Making decisions for your retirement plans can be stressful, especially when the success of your future retirement years depend on healthy growth today. This class covers tips on making the most of your hard earned retirement dollars. Ask questions, be comfortable, and take charge of your financial future.

Jo-Ann Holst, CFP- Speaker

You should attend if you..

  • Have a 401k with your current or former employer

  • Need to rollover an old 401k to an IRA

  • Have a IRA or Roth IRA

  • Would like to understand your 401k or IRA statements better

  • Are wondering how much longer you need to work

  • Are wondering which investment types are appropriate for your life stage

  • Have a small pension or no pension to cover income needs in retirement

  • Are concerned about minimizing taxes in retirement

  • Would like to understand your current retirement account fees better

  • Want to learn how to turn retirement accounts into income streams

Why this class?

  • Take home helpful planning materials

  • Taught and developed by Certified Financial Planner Jo-Ann Holst

  • Nineteen years industry experience

  • EDUCATION ONLY! No sales, feedback is optional

  • It's COMPLIMENTARY! Why?  Because it's a great way for us to get known in the community.  Think of it like the best free sample you'll ever get.

How to register

  • Fill out online registration form (easiest)

    • Your information will be used only for registration purposes and will be kept confidential​

  • Call 720-287-5880

  • Email

Space is limited for in depth Q and A, please RSVP. Reservations will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.  Classes usually repeat monthly, check back for more upcoming class dates and topics.  Can't make this class? click below to see other class topics and dates. 

Registration Form

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Completing this from will send a message to the host requesting a seat reservation.  Please indicate which class and date you'd like to attend.  Your information will only be used for reservation purposes and will be kept confidential.  You will not receive any other communications as a result of completing this form. 

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