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How To Pick the Right Investments For You

Things are changing, make the best decisions for your future by getting informed.

There are no public class dates currently scheduled for this class.  This class is available for your group of 8 or more individuals to book privately. Call or email to discuss hosting Jo-Ann as a guest speaker for your group.


What you will learn:

  • How financial markets might look different under the new Presidential Administration

  • What strategies and trends are investors excited about for 2017?

  • How could lower income taxes and higher interest rates impact your investment decisions?

  • What's the buzz about alternative investments such as:

    • Options​ and overlay strategies

    • REITs (real estate investment trusts)

    • ETFs (exchange traded funds)

  • How does the recent DOL (Department of Labor) ruling affect financial advisers and their clients?

  • What "beta" means, and how to determine the appropriate investments for your risk tolerance

  • Today's financial planning software solutions

    • Individual risk tolerance analysis

    • Account aggregation (all of your financial accounts at a glance)

    • Investment performance comparison

You should attend if you..

  • Want to be prepared to make the best financial decisions for 2019

  • Are making investment decisions with your money

  • Have a 401k or IRA and want to plan smart for the future

  • Have some experience investing and are looking for more options

  • Want to learn about cutting edge investment techniques and tools

  • Have someone else managing your money

  • Are considering using the services of a financial planner

  • Are nearing a life changing event such as retirement, moving, buying a house, etc.

Why this class?

  • Helpful handouts

  • Taught and developed by Certified Financial Planner Jo-Ann Holst

  • Nineteen years industry experience

  • EDUCATION ONLY! No sales, feedback is optional

  • Convenient location in 1st Bank of Belmar conference room

Ways to register

  • Fill out online registration form (easiest) by clicking RSVP button.

    • Your information will be used only for registration purposes and will be kept confidential​

  • Or call 720-287-5880, and mail your registration fee check

  • Or email and mail your registration fee check.

What you should bring

  • Just bring your attention and questions, note taking materials will be provided for you. 



     Can't make this class? click below to see other class topics and dates. 

REGISTRATION: Click on the RSVP button above, select the time of the class and continue with your basic contact information and payment. Your information will only be used for reservation purposes and will be kept confidential.  You will not receive any other communications as a result completing this form. Space is limited for one-on-one time, please RSVP. Reservations will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes usually repeat monthly, check back for more upcoming class dates and topics.

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