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Everyone should have access to awesome financial planning tools and information. Click the buttons below to download Jo-Ann's favorite planning tools and seminar handouts.

Downloadable tools you can use

Tax Facts Sheets

Tax Fact Sheets

Never leave home without your tax facts sheet.  Know your tax bracket, Social Security facts, retirement contribution limits, Medicare limits and much more. 

This paper discusses the portions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that are of particular
importance to business owners, investors, and financial advisers.

Planning Worksheets

Planning Worksheets

Are you coming in for a consultation? Fill out these discovery forms, and we'll create a proposal for your Seed to Harvest Wealth Plan.

Answer a few questions and discover what types of investments fit your risk tolerance.  Knowing how you feel about risk helps you makes better decisions. 

You can't begin planning without a budget.  It's easy to put off, but just put your head down and do it, you'll thank yourself later!

Social Security Office Publications

Social Security Publications

The Social Security Administration puts out some great publications to help you make claiming decisions.  Check these out:

Here's what you need to know about Social Security benefits for 2017: cost of living increases, taxation limits and how early or late retirement effects your benefit.

Here's a great publication by the Social Security Administration outlining basic concepts and commonly asked questions about retirement benefits.

Another SSA publication, this document is pretty self explanatory.  Every woman nearing retirement should read this.

All things retirement in this great resource from the SSA.  If you're starting your retirement research, start here to learn about Medicare, income planning, Social Security and more.

Jo-Ann In the News

Jo-Ann In the News
Breaking the Glass Ceiling Influential Women in Business

INVESTMENT NEWS: Adviser Jo-Ann Holst's client, a woman in her mid-60s with $440,000 in savings, didn't want to sink her entire retirement nest egg into the stock market. 

LAKEWOOD SENTINEL: "I wanted to help people for a long time, so once I became a Certified Financial Planner, I helped a lot of women..."

Jo-Ann is an Amazon Best Selling Co-Author of the book "Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Influential Women in Business."  Click here to view the book at Barnes and Noble.

Check Your Adviser's Credentials 

Check Your Advisor's Credentials

Before you make the important decision to trust a financial planner with your life savings, be sure to check them out first.  The links below are to various reporting agencies that track licenses, registrations and lawful/ethical violations.  If you're not sure which type of designation your planner has, ask them which license they hold. Note, many advisers have multiple licenses.

If your financial planner is a Broker, Stock Broker (holds a Series 6 or 7 License) , search their name on this site.  You can also find Investment Adviser Representatives here.

If your planner is an Investment Adviser Representative, (holds a Series 65 license)  search their name on this website.Note if you see any "disclosures," listed for that individual.

If your planner is a Certified Financial Planner, check their credentials on this site. (Needs to have passed the CFP Certification License).

If your planner is offering annuities or other insurance products, they are an Insurance Agent.  Check to be sure they have a valid Colorado Insurance license here.

Complimentary Consultation
How about a second opinion?

Think of it like the best free sample you'll ever get. We'll review your current investments, give you an unbiased analysis, and show you a side-by-side comparison of other options.  If you're already in great shape, we'll tell you to keep up the good work!

Request a Complimentary Consultation
Your personal information is safe with us!  We won't share any of it or send you any obnoxious emails. We'll only use your info to schedule your visit.
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