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Are you retired?
For All Additional Fields:
You only need to complete fields that are relevant to your above mentioned planning needs. For example, if you are only seeking investment advice, you do not need to disclose your cash flow, but we do need to know about your investible assets.
Please list your current HOUSEHOLD assets (approximate is fine)
Financial Statements
If you would like to share recent investment or Social Security statements with Jo-Ann prior to your meeting, please upload them to this secure DropBox link.  You can also bring them to your meeting. Read about DropBox data security here.
Cash Flow
Please list your current HOUSEHOLD monthly income sources
Are these amounts gross or net?
Please list your current HOUSEHOLD monthly expenses (approximate is fine)
Financial Concerns 
What are your top three concerns?
Which best describes your risk tolerance?

Confidential Financial Questionnaire


Before your meeting, we'd like to know about your goals and concerns.  Please take a few minutes to complete this confidential questionnaire. 

FOR YOUR SECURITY: This form will time-out if left unattended for more than a few minutes.  Please take a moment to browse the questions before you begin in case you need time to gather information. Refresh your page if you've been away fro a while before you begin. Also, approximate figures are ok at this time.

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